Art and Sculpture at Syracuse University

 Diana of the Hunt by Anna Hyatt Huntington, 1932
Weather Person by David Perkins
Abraham Lincoln by James Earle Fraser
The Sentinel by Maxwell Chayat
Swoosh by Carole Eisner 2003
 The Struggle of Elemental Man by Malvina Hoffman, 1936
Wheel by Cort Savage, 1988
reverse of Wheel
The Saltine Warrior by Luise Kaish, 1951
Banner by Albert Paley, 1999
Job by Ivan Mestrovic, 1945
Supplicant Persephone by Ivan Mestrovic, 1945
by Claire Stankus
Bill Alley by Elizabeth Murray, 2006
 Jazz by Elizabeth Murray, 2001
The Oracle's Tears by Rodger Mack
Moses by Joseph Kiselewski, 1965
teaching aid steel sculpture
Dancing Mother by Chaim Gross, 1956
Herakles the Archer by Emile Antoine Bourdelle, 1909
Information Spiral - Ice Age to Information Age by Margie Hughto, 2009 (2 of several)
From The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti by Ben Shahn, 1967
more detail
even more detail
Six Curved Walls (Syracuse) by Sol LeWitt, 2004

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  1. Are you sure that Moses is by Joseph Kiselewski? On Wikipedia it says that Moses is made by Ivan Meštrović: